Making A Change
In Southern Colorado

Brad's House is a home for underprivileged boys who exist on the fringe of modern society. We help them to learn, to reconnect, to mature, and to manage their lives responsibly.

Creating a stable and productive home environment for our boys.

Brad's House is a home for young men who are the victims of abuse, neglect, and are at risk for becoming chronically troubled youth. We aim to provide a safe home with round-the-clock mentorship for all of our young men. Our incredible staff guide and advise our boys through their daily agendas, and provide a strong support network for developing minds. Through leadership and compassion, we make a lasting impression in the lives of all our boys, encouraging optimism, success, and lifelong happiness.

Get Involved

We are so thankful to have wonderful community members volunteer their time and services to Brad's House! Our boys have enjoyed group fitness classes, hair styling, and tours on private properties. If you're interested in helping our boys experience their local community, please reach out to Brad's House today!

Donate Resources

Clothes, food, and gifts for the boys during the holidays are all welcome donations to the house! Like most American homes, Brad's House is frequently in need of seasonal items such as school supplies, winter clothes, and holiday gifts for our boys. Donated resources help keep Brad's House running smoothly and allow our boys to live a comfortable childhood.

Financial Support

We are thankful to those who choose to donate locally and help our young men become successful young adults in the Colorado area. These contributions make a real difference in the lives of our men.

"Our goal is to keep children in a home environment where they can feel safe, cared for, and empowered. By providing a well-structured support network in our home, each of our boys are taught how to cope with life's difficulties, take self accountability, and overcome their setbacks. While we strive for family reunification or finding generous foster parents, our greatest achievement is giving our young men a happy childhood."

House Founder and Director
Nick Thompson

Brad's House Founder & Director


We encourage our boys to be sincere and truthful in their words and actions.


We strive to practice exhibiting patience, at home and at school.


We work tirelessly to help each of our boys to discover their individual skills.


We help our boys understand their ability to affect their own lives.

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